Configures security rights for a Local Server (EXE server) COM object. Provides similar functionality that DCOMCNFG provides for setting the Impersonation Level of a component. Be sure to also set the DCOMLaunchPermissions.

o.DCOMCnfgServer(lcProgId, lcRunAs, lcPassword)

Return Value

.T. or .F.


ProgId of the Server to configure

Optional - The Impersonation to run the server under. This can be a valid NT user account or the default: Interactive User.

Optional - the password for the user account to be used. If this value is passed the DCOMPermissions.exe file is required in the Fox path.


Requires DCOMPermissions.exe in the Fox path if a specific account (not INTERACTIVE USER) is passed.

See also:

Library wwUtils | wwUtils::DCOMLaunchPermissions

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