This method prints a report to a PDF file. It sets the printer driver to the PDFWriter software, writes out the temporary files that the PDF software generates and renames these files to the one you specify. In other words, it abstracts the entire process of generating the output file.

o.PrintReport(lcReport, lcOutputFile, lcExtraReportClauses)

Return Value

.T. or .F.


Name of the Report file to execute. You can leave off the .FRX extension if you like.

The name of the output file that you want to generate the PDF to.

Optional - Any extra REPORT FORM clauses that you want to run on the report. This includes WHEN and FOR clauses etc.

The report runs TO PRINT so if you specify other options like PREVIEW or PROMPT those are going to occur in addition to the print operation.

See also:

Class wwPDF | wwPDF::PrintReportToString |

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