Returns whether .Net is installed. Also can return the latest installed version and directory of the .Net framework.


Return Value

.T. or .F.


Pass in by reference to receive the version value.

Pass in by reference to receive the path of the .Net framework.


Checks HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\ASP.Net and the RootVersion key. Note that you must have admin rights to read this key. Another alternative where this is a problem is to look in the Windows dir and check directories for the latest version which is a lot more messy and slower.


*** Is .NET installed? (any version)
? IsDotNet()

*** Retrieve latest version and path
lcFrameworkPath = ""
lcVersion = ""
? IsDotNet(@lcFrameworkPath,@lcVersion)
? lcFrameworkPath
? lcVersion

See also:

Library wwUtils | wwUtils::RegisterDotNetComponent

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