Used to log request data into the logging database. Called internally to log requests when request logging is enabled and also used to log errors when errors occur.

You can manually call this method to explicitly log items into the log. Use the first parameter to specify the 'log item detail' for the request.

In Web Connection wwProcess Code you can use:

Server.LogRequest("Reindexed datafiles")

From inside the wwServer startup code:

Server.LogRequest("Failed to initialize SQL Connection","",0,.t.)
o.LogRequest(lcParameter,lcRemoteAddress, lnSeconds, llError)


Either the query string for the request, or a message that you want to log. This is essentially the 'detail' that is displayed for the log item.

Optional - An IP Address for this request

Optional - number of seconds or partial seconds the request took

Optional - Flag that marks this request as an error


See also:

Class wwServer

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