Returns either a single key's value from a query string, or the entire query string as a whole.

Query strings are used to pass small bits of request information on the URL by using keys following the ? in the URL. Values are specified by key value pairs like this:


You can then retrieve individual values with:

lcQuery1 = Request.QueryString("query1")  && value1

*** Note: query string values are automatically Url decoded (spaces in this case)
lcQuery2 = Request.QueryString("query2")  && value 2
lcQuery2 = Request.QueryString("query3)  && value 3

To capture the entire raw Query String don't pass a parameter:

lcQuery = Request.QueryString()  && query1=value1&query2=value%202&query3=value+3

Return Value

String value of the requested key.


The key to retrieve from the query string

If this parameter is not passed the entire query string is returned.


This method only retrieves a single value. Use `QueryStringMultipleCollection()` if you have multiple query string keys with the same name to retrieve.

See also:

Class wwrequest | wwRequest::QueryStringMultipleCollection | wwRequest::ServerVariables | wwRequest::Form

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