Returns either a collection of matching key values from a query string. Use this is if you have multi-select values from a form, or you simply need to pass multiple values for a single key to a URL.

This method returns a collection of matching values, or an empty collection if no matches are found.


To retrieve the query1 which has two values:

loQuery1 = Request.GetQueryStringMultipleCollection("query1")  

lnCount = loQuery1.Count  && 2
lcQuery1 = loQuery[1]
lcQuery2 = loQuery[2]

pcOutput = ""
FOR EACH lcValue in loQuery FOXOBJECT
    pcOutput = pcOutput + lcValue + "<br>"

Response.Write("Values:<hr> " + pcOutput)

Return Value

Collection. If no keys are found an empty collection is returned.


The key for the multiple values to retrieve from the query string.

See also:

Class wwrequest | wwRequest::QueryString | wwRequest::ServerVariables | wwRequest::Form

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