Uses the .NET string.Format() function to format text strings using .NET based string formatting logic. This provides sophisticated string embedding similar to TextMerge without the overhead of textmerge.



A format string that contains up to 10 parameters formatted with {0} to {10} that are replaced with the corresponding parameter values. The bracketed expressions can use .NET formatting appropriate for the type of the value displayed. So, {0:n4} applies n4 (number format with 4 decimals) to the number.

For more info on .NET format strings please see FormatValue()

The values to display. Displays with ToString() or with the format string if provided in tie {0:c4} syntax.


Uses .NET and wwDotnetBridge under the covers so make sure wwDotnetBridge and .NET 4.0 are available on the target machine.


? formatstring("Give me a number {0:c4} and a string {1} and a date {2:MMM dd, yyyy}",;
* Give me a number $1.0000 and a string Rick and a date May 02, 2016

See also:

Class wwUtils | wwUtils::FormatValue

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