Markdown Support in Scripts and Templates

Script and Template pages can also embed Markdown markup. This means you can freely mix HTML and Markdown text in the same script or template.

To embed Markdown simply use the < markdown > and < /markdown > tags and embed your markdown text in between.

    <div id="EmbeddedMarkdown">

### This is a Markdown header
This is a block of **Markdown text** embedded inside of the HTML document. 
It's automatically parsed.

Here's what it does:
* Parses Markdown text
* Creates HTML
* Leaves Script expressions intact

You can also use expressions like: <%= Version() %> 
or full script blocks if using Scripts.

<% SCAN %>
   #### <%= TCustomers.Company %>
   <%= DisplayMemo(TCustomers.Address)


You can use any markdown text in your Script or template between the < markdown > and < /markdown > tags.

Please note the following limitations:

Expressions are not parsed as Markdown

Any script expressions (< %= % >) are parsed after the Markdown parser has run so any expression embedded in Markdown is not expanded and parsed as Markdown.

Markdown must be Left Aligned

In order for the Markdown to render properly you have to ensure that the text is left aligned without a left margin in your editor. The parser parses the Markdown literally and if you leave a margin the markdown is treated as code rather than than text, which results Markdown code display (ie. formatted text), rather than properly parsed Markdown html.

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