Creates a standalone HTML page. The page is a fully self contained page that looks like this by default:

You can customize this look by subclassing this method. However, it's recommended that you use wwProcess::StandardPage to subclass since you can provide application specific subclassing at that level more easily.

o.StandardPage(cHeader, lcBody, lvHeader,lnRefresh,lcRefreshUrl,llNoOutput)

Return Value

"" or HTML if llNoOutput is .T.


The header of the message. This is bolder at the top of the page and also reflects in the browser's title bar.

The body of the message. This text can contain plain text or HTML.

Optional. The content type or HTTP Header object for this page. You can create a custom header with the wwHTTPHeader class or pass an HTTP content type.

Optional - If you would like the page to refresh itself after a while to go to this or another URL you can specify an interval in seconds.

Optional - Specify the URL that you want to go to when you refresh the page automatically.

Output is returned as string and not written to HTTP stream.


Response.StandardPage("Welcome","Welcome to the West Wind Web Connection Demo.","FORCE RELOAD")

See also:

Class wwResponse | wwProcess::StandardPage | wwProcess::ErrorMsg

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