Resolves a relative path to a full path but also matches the proper case of the file on disk if it exists. Essentially does what FULLPATH() does, plus casing the file as it is on disk if it exists.

? GetFullPath("..\..\temp\POST.PDF")      && c:\temp\Post.pdf - file exists
? GetFullPath("..\..\temp\POSTsss.PDF")   && c:\temp\POSTss.PDF - file doesn't exist

Return Value

The full path to the file. If the file exists it will be returned with proper case of the path on disk, otherwise it's returned in all lower case.


The file to get the full path for

If .t. this function returns an empty string if the file doesn't exist.


Case is matched only if the referenced path exists.

This is a Library function not a method of the wwUtils class.

See also:

Class wwUtils

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