Creates a Web Socket message object the structure that is used to broadcast messages to all connected recipients.

By default this method sets the oMessage instance as well as returning the created message object.

Message object structure:

    // a routing action that allows the server or 
    // client to differentiate messages
    action: action,

    // actual message string - can also be JSON
    message: message,

    // GroupId for the current user
    groupId: groupId,
    // userId for the sending user
    userId: userId,

    // Recipient list - can be empty which goes to the 'default' empty group
    recipients: [
        { type: 'group', value: 'chatusers' }
        { type: 'allButUser', value: 'rstrahl' }

Recipients is a collection and should be added using the AddRecipients(lcUserOrGroup, lcType) method. You can clear the collection with loMsg.Recipients.Clear()




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