wwCollection Classes

Web Connection and the Client Tools include a set of Collection classes that are implemented via arrays. Unlike the limited FoxPro Collection class, these classes provide a richer interface, much faster operation (roughly 3x faster) and more consistent operation that you would expect from collection classes.

The only downsides to these classes is that you can't use FOREACH to walk through the items and you can't use Indexer syntax (loCol[x]) - you need to use the Item() method or access the indexer on the raw loCol.aItems[x] to step through the classes.

  wwCollection The base wwCollection class allows adding items as single items. The collection is purely accessed by a numeric indexer.
  wwNameValueCollection A special collection that allows key and value pairs to be stored and retrieved by the key name or index.
  wwStack A stack provides a Last In First Out list. It's based on an array of items that contains the actual items. Use Push() and Pop() to move items on and off the stack.
  wwValidationErrors A collection of Validation Errors that are used in a number of Web Connection objects.
  wwValidationError Class that holds validation error information. Contains a message and object name to identify the control that this error is associated with.

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