UnbindData retrieves data from a Control and binds it back into its ControlSource.

This powerful method makes short work of retrieving data from controls back into their data stores. DataBind() works hierarchically so you can call it on the WebPage and it will fire for all controls on the page.

ControlSource binding is available at the control level and also at container level which will Unbind all child controls.



Note your code is responsible to make sure that all control sources to be bound back to exist and are ready to receive data. This means objects and child objects need to be instantiated and any data binding to tables must have tables open and selected on the correct records to unbind to.

Be aware of FoxPro's EOF() behavior in the current work area which might prevent you from updating data in other workareas.

For this reason and several others, it's recommended you bind to objects rather than to table data directly. Using a SCATTER NAME objects or using wwBusiness is a good approach for object binding/unbinding.

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