Allows setting the timeout period for an HTTP request. The timeout is specified in seconds and controls how long a Connect, Read or Send operation waits before being considered timed out.

Should be called before connecting to an HTTP server (before HTTPConnect() or before HTTPGet())

Default Value

Default: 30 seconds


This property doesn't necessarily control how long the request is waited upon to complete. Rather it deals with actual wait time without activity. For example a long download will not timeout as long as data is coming from the server, however a request running on the server will if it exceeds the timeout without returning data. Send operations can time out on connects and actual send operations taking too long.

Make sure this value is long enough to allow the server to complete processing your request! You'll want to vary this value depending on what type of request you are running on the server. For example a simple SOAP Web Service call may not ever take longer than 10 seconds, while a long report running on the server may well take a minute to complete.

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