Step By Step: Getting Started

The step by step guide takes you through creating a new project and then creating several request handler methods that respond to Web requests. This guide is an introduction to some of the features of Web Connection and uses primarily FoxPro data language commands directly in code to access data and display it.

Online Sample Code

You can find the sample code for the completed projects at the following Github repository:

WebConnection-WebDemo on GitHub

You can clone this repository, or grab a Zip file of the completed project folder so you can grab the HTML templates to avoid typing all the HTML and code manually.

After you've worked through this guide we recommend you check out the Step By Step with the wwBusiness Object guide, which uses the wwBusiness object to handle data access. Besides using the business object and showing how to utilize a business object in a Web based application, it also shows a few more advanced techniques for generating HTML interfaces in your applications.

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