Downloads a file to the client resulting in a File Download dialog rather than displaying the content inside of the browser.

This method is a fully self contained Response action and creates the HTTP header and downloads the file to the client.



Full path to the file to send to the client.

Content type of the file to send down. This will help identify the file on the client so it can be opened by hte correct viewer (ie. Word, Notepad or WinZip). Examples: text/txt, application-x-zip etc.

The name of the file that is to be displayed to the user. This should be a savable filename and include no path information.


Make sure the file you are sending is not deleted as part of this request as the file is read by wc.dll. If you need to delete the file use wwUtils::DeleteFiles to do a delayed delete.

See also:

Class wwResponse | wwResponse::TransmitFile | wwUtils::DeleteFiles

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