Using Checkboxes as a Grid column

Checkboxes in grids are not easy to handle for a number of reasons.

  • Checkboxes tend to not be read only
  • They render 'complex' html

HtmlDataGrid just takes plain data and renders it as an HTML table and so it doesn't natively deal with custom controls, but with a little extra work you can render and capture clicks.


To render checkboxes you need to explicitly inject the checkbox HTML into the column. To do this you need to use explicit column generation rather than simply the simple HtmlDataGrid() function.

For more info how to create a grid with explicitly added columns see:

To add a checkbox you might use code like the following:

loConfig.AddColumn("HtmlCheckBox([chkIsActive_] + TRANSFORM(Pk) ,[],Year > 2000,;
                   "class='with-font checkbox-activestate')",;
                   "Recently Produced")

which produces something like:

Notice that you should generate a unique ID for the name by combining some sort of identifier with the name (ie. chkIsActive_445 which combines the name plus a key).

I'm also adding an explicit style checkbox-activestate so that I can find the element when capturing the content using CSS (see below).


Rendering is one thing, but capturing the check is quite another.

If you need to capture the check selection you typically have either:

  • Capture the click and update the server immediately with an AJAX call
  • Handle all selections visible when the form is submitted
Capturing with AJAX

To capture a click immediately as it's made you can use JavaScript and an AJAX call to push the data to the server, which can then save the data. To hook this up:

$(".checkbox-activestate").click(function() {
    var id ="chkActive_","");
    // AJAX call to the server and pass ID and Value
    $.get("checkboxclick.wwd",{ id: id, value: this.checked } );

You can then handle the callback in a Web Connection handler:

FUNCTION checkboxclick()

lnId = VAL(Request.Form("id"))
llValue = Request.Form("value") == "true"

* ... do what you need to do to update your data
Capturing with a form POST

To capture a whole list of checkbox variables you need to insure that the checkbox values are contained within an HTML <form> tag and that the form can be submitted somehow.

In your server side capture code you can access each of the checkbox values like this:

FUNCTION CaptureCheckboxForm

loVars = loRequest.GetFormVarCollection()
FOR lnX = 1 to loVars.Count
   loVar = loVars[lnX]
   lcKey = loVar.Key
   IF StartsWith(lcKey,"chkActive_")
      lnId = VAL(STRTRAN(lcKey,"chkActive_",""))
      llValue = loVar.Value == "true"
      * Do something with the values

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