Step 1 - Picking the Web server

The first step in configuring Web Connection is to pick the Web server to run on. This choice is very important as it will determine how to configure the server as well copying the appropriate files.

Make sure IIS is installed

If you want to use full IIS, please make sure IIS is installed and configured before you run the setup program. For more info see the IIS Configuration topic. Alternately you can also install the self-contained IIS Express which is easier and can work in non-admin environments. Web Connection works with both.

Once you're sure your Web Server is installed you can run the Setup program.

  • Run Setup.exe (from Explorer)

This brings up three step Wizard:

The first page lets you select your Web server to use.

We design and test Web Connection on the IIS Web Server and so that's the recommended environment, but Web Connection also works with IIS Express and Apache for Windows.

Non-default IIS Web Sites

If you're installing to full IIS, you can optionally choose the Web Site to install to. By default the 'Default Web Site' and localhost is used, but you can pick from the drop down to select to install on any of the sites available on your machine:

Step 2 - Web Virtual Path and Sample Configuration

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