Step 1 - Create a new REST Service

Let's start by creating a new wwRESTProcess class for our Customer business object. The goal is to create a simple CRUD service that can handle queries and allows adding and updating of customer records.

The first step is to create a new service. We'll use the New Process Class Wizard on the Web Connection Console to add the service class to the existing CustomerDemo example we built in the MVC/Business object Tutorial. If you prefer you can also create a new project using the New Project Wizard instead.

Using the New Process Wizard do this:

  • cd c:\wconnect && or where ever your Web Connection installation lives
  • Choose Create New Process Class (shown here)
  • If you're creating a new project choose Create New Project (not shown)

Start by specifying the base project the new process class will be connected to and the name of the new Process class you wish to add.

Next we need to configure the new process class and associate it with a virtual directory:

In this case I'm going to choose an existing virtual directory of the previous customer demo created in the MVC with Business Objects tutorial. So I choose that existing path in .\customerdemo and CustomerDemo as the virtual. Essentially this recreates the virtual settings and adds the new scriptmap(s) in that virtual.

Overwrite Warning

When you use the Add Process Class Wizard and install to an existing virtual directory you are overwriting existing templates and sample pages. If you don't want to override any existing templates, it's best to generate to a new virtual and physical directory and then simply add the scriptmap to your existing application's web.config file, and change the application paths in your yourApp.ini file.

Click Next or Finish to complete the Wizard.

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