This method is called to authenticate a user. This method can be overriden to provide custom functionality.

If the user logon is successful the user record (.oUser) is set to the selected user. If it fails the method returns .F. and returns a blank User record.

By default authentication occurs against a UserSecurity table specified in cFilename and cAlias. lCaseSensitive determines whether the username/password have to be case sensitive.

Override this Method

This method is meant to be overridden to provide you with the ability to customize authentication that hits a different database or other store or uses different authentication logic. It's up to you.

Simply make sure you do the following:

  • Set the .oUser property to a user record
  • return .T. or .F.

It's important that the .oUser record is set and it includes the base fields that the existing structure supports as it is used in Web Connection's authentication operations.

Typically you'll end up extending the .oUser properties by adding additional custom fields in the underlying database table, which are automatically picked up in the .oUser structure when SCATTER NAME is called to populate the structure.

o.Authenticate(lcUsername, lcPassword)


The username to authenticate

The password to validate

See also:

Class wwUser

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