Retrieves HTTP using a standard URL into a string. Use this method to download XML from a server quickly and easily without having to instantiate other objects.

This method simply performs passthrough calls to HTTPGet. If you need to more functionality and control over the HTTP request such as special proxy modes or special POST content types, use the wwHTTP class's HTTPGet or HTTPGetEx methods. This includes if you need to configure things such as proxies or timeouts.

o.LoadUrl(lcUrl, lcPostData, lcUsername, lcPassword, lnTimeout)

Return Value

HTTP output string or "" on failure


The fully qualified HTTP URL to download the data from.
Example: http://www.west-wind.com/wc.wc?wwdemo~XMLCursor

Url can contain HTTPS reference and port information which is properly interpreted.

Optional - You can post data to the server. Any posted is posted raw without an HTTP header. Use this to post XML to the server.

Optional - Basic Authentication Username

Optional - Basic Authentication Password

The timeout for the request. Defaults to wwHTTP's setting of 15 seconds.


This method will fail in the free version of wwXML since it requires wwIPStuff functionality. You can download wwIPStuff and SET CLASSLIB TO wwIPStuff to make this method operational with the free version.

See also:

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