A SQL Connect string used to connect to the database. If you use this property a new connection is created for each request.

If you want to reuse a connection use the oSQL member to assign a persistent wwSQL object instance.

This property, if left blank on the server can be set from the client. If the client sets its cSqlConnectString property the value is passed forward to this property. You can force a specific connection by providing a connection string which will override anything the client sends. To completely disallow ODBC remote access use the special value of "NOACCESS".


Default Value


Possible values:
"NOACCESS" - No SQL ConnectString to be used and doesn't read the SQL ConnectString from the XML
"" - The handler will read the SQL ConnectString from the XML
<set to a string> - use the string as the SQL Connect string

Note this property should be left at NOACCESS when connecting to native Fox data or when you are passing in an oSQL object reference. This setting basically disallows the handler to read a SQL ConnectString from the incoming XML which could be a potential security issue.


loData = CREATE("wwHTTPSQLServer_Demo")
loData.cConnectString = "server=(local);driver={SQL Server};database=wwDeveloper;pwd=sa;uid=;"
loData.S_Execute( Request.FormXML() )   

ShowXML( loData.cResponseXML )

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