This method creates a new session table if one doesn't exist yet or if you want to create a new one manually. This method is called automatically when a session is accessed.

The Session table is created with the following structure:

  (SESSIONID    C (14),;
   USERID      C (15),;
   FIRSTON     T ,;
   LASTON      T ,;
   VARS        M ,;
   BROWSER     M ,;
   IP          M ,;
   HITS		   I )

You can add additional fields to this table for high frequency values that are set - direct access to fields is more efficient than session variables especially if you need to query information later on for statistical reports. Any fields you add are accessible with the SetField() and GetField() methods.



None, but uses the cDataPath and cTableName to figure out where to create the file.

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Class wwSession

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