Web Control Reference

The Web Control framework comes with a number of stock controls and this section is a reference to these controls.

Because there are so many controls this list is broken up into Core Controls which are the base class controls and some elemental controls like WebPage and WebUserControl. And then there are the following subgroups:

Control Inheritance

This guide shows properties, events and methods that each control implements. All controls inherit from wwWebControl, so all controls will inherit all the properties and methods of this base class at the least. So keep in mind that as you look at the documentation for each control that what you see for the specific control will be augmented by the features of wwWebControl or any other control class that is inherited from (list controls like wwWebListBox inherit from wwWebListControl which in turn inherits from wwWebControl for example).

Base Controls

The following is a list base controls that drive the base functionality of the Web Control framework. wwWebControl is the base control for all other controls, while wwWebPage is the entry point for Page processing that manages postback and viewstate management as well as event processing. The wwWebUserControl is a visual control class that allows creation of composite classes by users and embed them into other pages.

  wwWebControl The wwWebControl class is the base controls for all other controls in the Web Connection WebControl framework. It provides the core functionality for most controls.
  wwWebPage The wwWebPage class is the top level container for a WebControl page. This container acts as the entry point for event processing and provides the HTML Document for page generation.
  wwWebUserControl The wwWebUserControl class is the base class that is used for visual User Controls that can be visually designed and then be dragged and dropped onto page canvas for visual resusability. User Controls are essentially mini forms and behave very similar to forms and provide a container for other visual controls.

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