Inserts a link to an external script file into the page. Generates <script src="scriptpage.js"></script> into the page.

Scripts can be injected into the page at various locations to allow more control over scripts and provide for better integration with manually added scripts. The three locations - headertop, header and script - correspond roughly to library, support/plug-in library, and application level locations.

Injected script tags are of the following form:

<script src="/virtual/script.js" type="text/javascript" />


An id for this script resource - generally this id should be a shared id so the script file only loads once.

A full URL to the script resource. You may use ~ syntax to access relative Urls.

Optional location where the script is injected. Possible values are:
headertop - at the top of the <head> tag
header - at the bottom of the <head> tag
script or not passed - after the <form> tag

Scripts are injected at these locations based on priority. The default behavior is script

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