Deserializes a JSON string into a FoxPro value, object or wwCollection instance for arrays. This method uses .NET and the JSON.NET library.

Objects are created as new instances of EMPTY objects and passed back. Arrays are passed back as FoxPro Collection objects.


Return Value

FoxPro value, object or a FoxPro Collection instance for arrays


A JSON string to be parsed.


This method uses and requires .NET 4.5+ to be present on the target machine.

Depends on wwIpstuff.dll, wwDotnetBridge.dll and NewtonSoft.Json.dll. Make sure these files are shipped with your application and are in the FoxPro path in order for this method to work.

Objects deserialized may not match original objects that were serialized with wwJsonSerializer::Serialize() since types are represented differently in JavaScript. Any 'list' type (Array, Collection, wwCollection) is a JSON array and returned as a Collection object in the deserialized value.

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