Class wwWebFckEditor

The wwWebFckEditor control a thin wrapper around the popular FCK Editor control. The control provides rich text editing for Internet Explorer and Mozilla style browsers and includes many advanced features for text and image management.

The key properties of the control are the Text property which is used to set and retrieve the value of the editor and the EditorBasePath which controls where the FCK Library is found.

The control works pretty much like a TextBox control so you can use the Text property to set and read its value and use ControlSource databinding to bind values to it.

The Web Connection control wrapper provides only basic setup features to get the control onto a page easily. If you need to highly customize the operation of the control you will have to use FCK Editor's own configuration APIs and options to do so.

<ww:wwWebFckEditor runat="server" id="txtMessageFck" Width="95%" Height="400px" Visible="false" 
        FontNames="Verdana;Tahoma;Arial;Comic Sans MS;Arial Black;Courier New,Monospace;"
        ErrorMessageLocation="2" ClientOnLoad="FckLoaded"

Class Members


The base path where the FCK Editor library and support files are found. This is a virtual path to the FCK Editor installation.


Optional client side event fired at the end of configuration but before the editor has loaded
Allows overriding and configuring any of FCKs options in the source page.


Path to a .js file that has overrides for FCK configuration settings.


The CSS that is used in the body of the editor.


Semi-colon delimited list of high level format styles (h1;h2;pre etc.). Note this list is limited to standard HTML formats and cannot include styles


Semi-colon delimited list of fonts displayed in the fonts dialog.


Semi-colon delimited list of font-sizes displayed in hte size dialog


Path to an XML file that contains styles displayed in the style dialog. See FCK editor documentation and look at the default fckStyles.xml to see how you can add custom style selections.


The text property sets and returns the value for the Editor control.


The theme used: default - office2003 - silver


The toolbar layout to display: Default - Basic


Assembly: webcontrolsextended.prg

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