Allows quick rendering of an ASP style script page that contains embedded <% %> tags for FoxPro script expressions and code blocks. Runs as a full FoxPro program.

Unlike MergeText, this function can execute structured code blocks like this:

<% if lnQty > 5 %>
   Qty: <%= lnQty %>
<% else %>
   Minimal Qty: <%= lnQty %>
<% endif %>

The script template is compiled into a single FoxPro PRG file that is executed so the entire script page acts like a single self contained function with Function scope.

RenderAspScript is a thin wrapper around the wwScripting class to provide single line execution of scripts.



The template file to execute OR the string content of the template if llIsString is .T.

1 - Dynamic Compilation (compile as needed)
2 - Precompiled (FXP file executed)
3 - ExecScript (run from memory)

See: wwServer::nScriptMode

If .t. specifies the lcTemplate is the actual template text rather than a filename. Note that if you pass the template as a string lnMode is overridden to use 3 - ExecScript.

If .T. uses the wwScriptingHttpResponse object so that HTTP headers can be set and returned. Note that if your script uses any header access this flag needs to be set.

See also:

Library wwUtils | wwUtils::MergeText | wwServer::nScriptMode

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