Generic call that is passed through and executes the remote method based on the information contained in the wwRequest object passed as input. The method is processed and the result returned as a JSON string. An error produces a JSON error object.

o.CallMethod(Request, TargetObject)


The Web Connection Request object

The object that contains the methods that are to be executed. You can specify any object here, or you can specify THIS which will be the current wwProcess object and which effectively exposes all of the Process methods to the client directly.

Note only PUBLIC methods are accessible.


The following PRIVATE scoped variables are available in the context of a method called with CallMethod():

    * **JsonService** An instance of the JsonService object. Use this to check for errors or set the IsRawResponse property to force output to the response as is w/o JSON encoding.
    • Serializer
      An instance of the wwJsonSerializer. Use this property if you need to modify the behavior of the serializer, such as modify the PropertyExclusionList or add PropertyNameOverrides for proper casing. A new instance of the serializer is created for each request so you can change settings here as needed any time.

See also:

Class wwJsonService

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