Visual FoxPro Environment Requirements

Visual FoxPro Versions Supported

Web Connection 7.x (and 6.x) supports only Visual FoxPro 9.0 to run.

Web Connection 5.x supports FoxPro 8 and Web Connection 4.x supports FoxPro 7 and 6.

Visual FoxPro Environment Requirements and Settings


All West Wind Tools run based on the assumption that SET EXACT OFF is set in the FoxPro environment.

Due to various legacy performance concerns which otherwise would be required to check exact values and existing SET flags, SET EXACT is assumed to be OFF. If you happen to run your code with SET EXACT ON you may have to explicitly switch your SET EXACT settings before calling functions in this library.

We realize this is not optimal and due to some base framework legacy concerns. We've been slowly removing instances where SET EXACT has an impact especially in library code. But there are a still a number of places - especially inside the core Web processing engine - where SET EXACT is used extensively and we recommend that you run Web Connection applications with SET EXACT OFF and set to ON on an as needed basis.

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