ShellExecute wrapper that starts any associated program or URL. You can launch URLs, mailto: links, as well as any file like .txt, doc,.ini etc. If an association exists GoUrl() will launch the associated application with the specified document.

o.GoUrl(tcUrl, tcAction)

Return Value

2 - Bad Association (invalid URL)
31 - No application association
29 - Failure to load application
30 - Application is busy


Url or filename to access. Filenames need to be a fully qualified path names with drive, path and filename.

Optional - The action verb to perform. OPEN is the default, but you can also use PRINT (in Word for example).

Optional - Directory to run the application out of. Default: SYS(2023) - the temp directory


Any files passed must be passed with a full path.

See also:

Library wwUtils

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