toastr is a small UI library that shows pop up notifications that pop up, display a message in a variety of styles and then goes away. It's small, convenient and is a great way to display transient error and information messages that warn you of things going on in the application.

Toastr on GitHub

Here's what a Toast looks like:


To use toastr you can then simply call the toastr object to display messages from JavaScript code:"Hello World");
toastr.error("Server callback failed: Unauthorized access to API.");
toastr.warning("Server callback failed: Unauthorized access to API.");
toastr.success("Customer info has been written","Customer Saved",
               {timeOut: 6000});

There are a number of configuration options available using the options object that you can find on the GitHub page (or by peering into the source code). Here are a few common things to set:

toastr.options.closeButton = true;
toastr.options.positionClass = "toast-bottom-right";
toastr.options.timeOut = 10000;



You need to add a style sheet and script file in order to use Toastr:

In your Html head:

<link href="~/bower/components/toastr/toastr.min.css" rel="stylesheet"/>

At the bootom of the document:

<script src="~/bower-components/toastr/toastr.min.js"></script>

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