Updating from previous Versions

Web Connection is updated frequently and so you'll often have to update an existing installation with the core files from a new version. This topic refers to same version updates (ie. 6.10 -> 6.15 for example).

To update an existing installation with the new Web Connection installation you can install the new version on top of the old one. Simply unzip the new files into your old installation directory.

Note that if you've modified any of the samples files, or any of the framework files you won't want to update the existing installation or at least make sure you do a backup prior to installation of the new version. In general doing a back up of the old install is probably a good idea.

After you've installed the new files over the existing installation, make sure you:

  • Delete all FXP files in the project directories
  • Recompile all PRG and VCX files
  • Update DLLs in production apps
  • Update the Web specific files (Script Handlers,CSS)


To recompile all code files to the latest version is necessary to ensure that both the FXP files as well as your project is recompiled. You can do the following from the VFP Command Window in the Web Connection startup directory:

DELETE FILE classes\*.fxp
COMPILE classes\*.prg

Update DLLs in Production Apps

Web Connection uses a number of DLL files that are distributed in the Web Connection root folder. These files are required in deployed applications and should match the versions that you are running during development.

The DLLs in questions include:

Core Dependencies

  • wwIPstuff.dll
  • wwDotnetBridge.dll
  • Newtonsoft.Json.dll
  • zlib1.dll

General Purpose

  • dzip.dll, dunzip.dll
  • wwImaging.dll

.NET Interop

  • Markdig.dll
  • Renci.SshNet.dll

Of these files wwIPStuff.dll, wwDotnetBridge.dll and zlib1.dll are core dependencies that have to be present as they are used internally in Web Connection.

Newtonsoft.Json.dll is required for all JSON related operations including the wwJsonSerializer, REST Services, wwJsonServiceClient and anything else your code might use to parse JSON.

The remainder of files are specific use cases but I recommend you copy and update them nevertheless.

We recommend you copy all the DLLs from the Web Connection install folder to your live application deploy folder. You can also use the build.bat file in Web Connection projects to create a Build folder that includes your binary files along with the Web Connection required dlls in the \deploy folder.

Copy Web Support Files

You'll also want to update your Web directory support files that provide support images and JavaScript files for the current version. To do this copy the following:

templates\scripts\webconnectionmodule.dll  ->  Web Dir\bin\webconnection.dll
templates\scripts\wc.dll  ->  Web Dir\bin\wc.dll

templates\ProjectTemplate\Web\scripts -> Web Dir\scripts
templates\ProjectTemplate\Web\css -> Web Dir\css
templates\ProjectTemplate\Web\admin  -> Web Dir\admin

Important: If you've modified any of the files, they will be overwritten. Especially make sure that you rename application.css in your application to something that is specific to your own application or only overrides styles in application.css.

Update Project Generated Files

When you create a new project Web Connection generates a number of files which is a one time process. These files are generated from templates and these templates occasionally change, so from time to time it's a good idea to check and see what has changed.

A good recommendation if you would like to update these files is:


If you have older projects and you want to update to the latest support files I recommend:

  • Create a new project into a new folder
  • Use BeyondCompare or similar to compare files

You'll want to compare at the following files:

  • build.bat
  • install-iis-features.ps1
  • deploy\bld_YourApp.prg
  • deploy\yourApp_serverConfig.prg
  • deploy\yourAppMain.prg

In addition you'll probably want to update your web\lib folder if there are changes.

Make Backups before Updating

Always back up or commit your changes to source control before making changes like this so you can roll back if necessary.

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