This low level method imports a collection from an XML Node that follows a specific collection schema.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
	<class type="O" class="Empty">
		<addresses type="O" class="Collection">
				<item key="address1" type="O" class="Address">
					<caddress>400 Hexham</caddress>
					<cname>Markus Egger</cname>
				<item key="address2" type="O" class="Address">

The import supports only simple types (can be mixed) or a single object type which must be provided by the first item in the collection passed to import to.


Return Value

.t. or .f.


The XML node where the collection starts.

The collection to import to. This collection should either be empty in the case of simple types, or contain exactly 1 item that holds the object of the same type that is to be imported. Objects of different types are not supported on import.

See also:

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