Requirements and Recommended downloads

West Wind Web Connection 5.0 has the following requirements:

  • Visual FoxPro 9.0
  • .NET Runtime 4.0 or later
  • A Web Server: IIS or Apache on Windows
  • For local development you can use the small IIS Express server

These are the only software requirements that you have to have. Web Connection is developed and tested with IIS Web Servers and that's what works best. However there's also limited support for Apache, but the installation and configuration is not as automated as with IIS.

Web Connection integrates with Visual Studio and provides a number of default page templates and a plug-in that allows quick browsing of Web Control Framework and MVC style script and template pages. You can also open the FoxPro from within Visual Studio.

Visual Studio is not required however - Web Connection has no dependencies on Visual Studio at runtime. Visual Studio is merely used to provide a rich design experience editing HTML templates and scripts and JavaScript code. Any editor including NotePad, Sublime Text or the Visual FoxPro can be used.

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