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Support is available for free on our online West Wind Message Board Support Forum. The Message Board site makes a great first stop for any questions you might have. In addition to our staff, there's a great community of Web Connection developers and support questions are generally answered within a few hours - often less. To visit the Message Board go to:

Before you post

Please, double check your code before posting to make sure you didn't overlook something obvious. When you post make sure you provide as much information as possible. Most importantly provide any error information that might be available for the Web Connection classes and Visual FoxPro. Most Web Connection classes have an lError flag and a cErrorMsg property which you can check for failure information. All of this will ensure we can answer your question more efficiently and get you up and running as quickly as possible

If you require additional personalized support, you can contact West Wind Technologies for paid support via Email, Phone, Skype or online meeting. We also provide customized on-site training and mentoring services. For more info on services and rates please see:

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