serializeNoViewState jQuery Plugin

Works like $.serialize() to serialize form data into a POST comaptible string, except that it doesn't serialize any of the ASP.NET specific ViewState,EventValidation and various argument parameters.

$.fn.serializeNoViewState = function()


The following picks up the post data for a form and sends it to the server with ajaxRequest.
var postData = $("form1").serializeNoViewState();
new HttpClient(ajaxRequest("Somepage.wcsx",postData,function(result) { alert(result););


A comma delimited list of CSS style properties that are to be watched for changes. If any of the specified properties changes the function specified in the second parameter is fired.

The function fired in response to a changed styles. Receives this as the element changed and an object parameter that represents the watched properties and their respective values. The first parameter is passed in this structure:

{ id: itId, props: [], func: func, vals: [] };

A second parameter is the index of the changed property so data.props[i] or data.vals[i] gets the property value that has changed.

The interval for setInterval() for those browsers that don't support property watching in the DOM. In milliseconds.

An optional id that identifies this watcher. Required only if multiple watchers might be hooked up to the same element. The default is _watcher if not specified.


The following code demonstrates how to keep a related element in sync with a primary element (here a shadow with a div). As the item moves, is resized or the display changes the related element applies the same operations:"left,top,width,height,display,opacity,zIndex",
     function(w, i) {
         if (":visible")) {
             sh.css("opacity", el.css("opacity") * opt.opacity);
     100, "_shadowMove");


Unhooks watching of the element by disconnecting the event handlers.

Optional watcher id that was specified in the call to watch. This value can be omitted to use the default value of _watcher.

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