This method explicitly adds a new property to this wwDynamic instance and it automatically adds the property to the __PropertyNameOverrides list which is used during JSON serialization to produce properly cased serialization output.

The primary use case for this method is:

  • If you need to preserve property name case for JSON Serialization
  • If you need better performance for adding properties
  • Set properties with internal FoxPro base class names:
    Name, Class, Tag, Parent etc.

Here are some examples that demonstrate:

loMessage = CREATEOBJECT("wwDynamic")

*** Create a name property
loMessage.name = "Rick"

*** same as (no benefit since name is already lower case always)

*** This has benefit of supporting mixed cases via __PropertyNameOverrides

*** This loses mixed case for property name serialization
loMessage.lastName = "Strahl"

This method has a funky name of AddProp() as it cannot have the same name as AddProperty() which is a base class method that can't be completely overridden. Hence the alternate name to avoid the base class firing and failing on creation of FoxPro reserved properties.

o.AddProp(lcProperty, lvValue)


Property to add to this instance

Value to set it to. If not passed a new instance of wwDynamic is created to allow automatically configuring child objects.

See also:

Class wwDynamic

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