Returns a custom HTTP Header sent from the client.

Extra Headers are custom headers posted by client applications to send special processing instructions to the server. For example, SOAP includes a SOAPMethodName extra header to specify the URI and name of the method to call.


GET http://localhost/wconnect/HttpHeader.wwd HTTP/1.1
Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate
SOAPMethodName: GetCustomers
custom-header: Hello world

Extra Headers can be retrieved in a couple of ways:

Header Name
lcHeader = Request.GetExtraHeader("SOAPMethodName")
lcHeader = Request.GetExtraHeader("custom-header")
HTTP Server Variable Name
lcHeader = Request.GetExtraHeader("HTTP_SOAPMethodName")
lcHeader = Request.GetExtraHeader("HTTP_CUSTOM_HEADER")

Return Value

string of header or "" if not found


Name of the header to retrieve. Use either the original header name or HTTP_HEADER_NAME where any dashes are replaced with underscores. The latter is faster.

See also:

Class wwRequest

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