Allows you to check whether the current request is authenticated and if not prompt for authentication.

This mechanism is fully self contained - it will:

  • Check for authentication
  • If not authenticated present an authentication dialog
  • After authentication is successful return you back to the original page

This mechanism simply defers to wwProcess.Authenticate.. The authentication mechanism used (Basic or wwUserSecurity) depends on the wwProcess.cAuthenticationMode property configured on your process class. The default is Basic (ie. Windows Authentication).

This simple method allows you to query the user's authentication in the OnLoad() of the page:

IF !THIS.Authenticate("ANY")  && Basic Auth 
	RETURN  && not validated - login dialog

*** Authenticated - move on

Typically you'd call this code from the OnLoad of the form right at the beginning of page processing.


Return Value

.T. or .F.


A username or WCINI or ANY

Error message to display if validation fails.

See also:

Class wwWebPage

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