A global wwNameValueCollection object that can be used to store 'static' or 'global' values and properties to avoid extending the wwServer instance with new properties.

It's a good idea to avoid adding many properties to your wwServer subclass as it adds to the COM interface and every time properties are added or removed the server needs to be re-registered. To avoid this rather than attaching properties to your wwServer instance attach them to .oResources.

oResources allows two types of expansion:

  • Via .AddProperty() as a custom property
  • Via .Add(lcItem,lcValue) as a wwNameValueCollection entry Both types are persistent through the lifetime of the application and stay in memory for that duration and always accessible via Server.oResources in Process code.

Creating Global Properties

To create new 'properties' on the oResources object use code like the following:

* MyAppServer :: OnLoad()


IF !this.oResources.oSql.Connect("database=WestWindAdmin")
   throw this.oResources.oSql.cErrorMsg


Creating Global Collection Entries

If you need values that need to be looked up via keys it's better to use collection values.

* MyAppServer :: OnLoad()
this.oResources.Add("AppName","West Wind Sample Application")

Typically you will define global variables like this during startup of the application for which the wwServer's OnLoad method is best. But realistically you can add resources at any time during the application's execution.

To use the value you can simple use code like this (here in a Process method):

FUNCTION MyProcessFunction()
Response.Write( Server.oResources.Item("AppName") )

or in a template expression:

<%= Server.oResources.Item("AppName") %>


These resources are shared across a single instance of a COM server. They are NOT visible across multiple instances. These resources are visible to every request that comes in, which means they are visible to every user. Don't store user specific data in this resource dictionary unless you use unique keys for each user.

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