wwDynamic and FoxPro Reserved Properties

wwDynamic is implemented as a Relation class which has an internal __Reference member that holds the actual dynamic field values. The reason for the base class is that EMPTY() unfortunately does not allow for any method hooks so it can't be automated. As a result a FoxPro base class has to be used to provide a smooth integration that allows child objects to be created without having to declare them explicitly:

loCust = CREATEOBJECT("wwDynamic")
loCust.firstName = "Rick"
loCust.lastName = "Strahl"

*** You can simply assign new values and wwDynamic
*** creates the object chain on the fly
loCust.address.Street = "321 Fright Lane"
loCust.address.City = "Paia"

This is possible because the object can intercept the property access and route it to an internal reference.

Reserved FoxPro Properties

The problem with this approach however is that FoxPro has a few reserved property names - basically the base class properties used on RELATION in this case which means you can't explicitly access these internal properties using FoxPro language. You can use the GetProp() method however.

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