Class MarkdownParserExtended

Enhances the MarkdownParser classes with a couple of extensions for marking up code snippets, auto-link parsing and embedding Font-Awesome icons.

The extensions are as follows:

  • Code HTML Prefix and PostFix
    You can use the cCodeBlockStartHtml and cCodeBlockEndHtml properties to specify the HTML that is used to specify a language. Use ###language### in the string to replace the language specified in the markup.

  • FontAwesome Icon Support Allows specifying font-awesome icons using simplified syntax of @ icon-icon-name which makes it easier to embed icons into text.

loParser = CREATEOBJECT("MarkdownParserExtended")
loParser.cCodeBlockStartHtml = [<pre lang="###language###">] + CRLF
loParser.cCodeBlockEndHtml = [</pre>]
lcHtml = loParser.Parse(lcMarkdownText)

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