Returns routing info and Path Segments when dealing with extensionless URLs.

Method returns an object with the following properties:

  • lIsRouted
    If true means this request was re-rewritten by the server and routed.

  • cOrignalUrl
    When a request is routed the URL is rewritten to a new URL which is reflected in the Server Variables for the request. This property returns the original URL the user requested. This is the full request URL

  • cOriginalPath
    Similar to cOriginalUrl but returns the logical server relative Web path.

  • oPathSegments
    Contains each of the segments between the slashes for this path request. For example the path:


has 3 segments which are expressed in the collection. To retrieve the album id you can use code like the following:

loRouteInfo = Request.GetRoutingInfo()
lcCustId = loRouteInfo.oPathSegments.Item(3)

Note that if you override the OnUrlRewrite() method you should create and save the RouteInfo structure as a property to make it available to the Process methods that might be called.


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