Class wwWebTabPage

The wwWebTabPage class holds the state for each individual TabPage and is the class for wwWebTabControl::TabPages. Its job is to associate the specific Tab with an HTML control that is to be displayed when the Tab is activated.

Class Members



The action that occurs when the tab is clicked. The default behavior is to switch the assigned page.


Determines whether a tab is enabled or not. The disabled tab is shown with the disabledtabbutton CssClass.


The style property allows you to override the style for the particular tab rendering.


An optional Url to an image icon that is displayed on the left side of the tab.


This is the client Id of the container that is to be activated. Note that this is a Client Id meaning that if you reference Web Connection controls contained in other controls the client ID will be the UniqueId.


The Text for the caption of the Tab page. This value is displayed as HTML so if you choose you can embed HTML markup into this text expression.


Assembly: webcontrolsextended.prg

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