Class AppErrorMessagePages

Configuration class that holds the Error Page mappings. Each of these properties can point at an external page that can be used to display a custom error page for specific errors.

The filenames can either be expressed as relative Web Paths:

  • messages/Maintenance.htm
  • ~/messages/Maintenance.htm

or as absolute physical paths:

  • c:\westwind\wconnect\messages\maintenance.htm

Whatever path files are read from requires that the account running the application (typically SYSTEM) has read access.

public class AppErrorMessagePages : wwAppConfiguration

Class Members



Page displayed only for COM messaging when no server instance can be retrieved when all instances are already busy processing requests.


Page to display when an Execption occurs during the server call. Used for file based messaging.


Page to display when the request id doesn't match


Page displayed when the server is in maintenance mode and not accepting requests while the MaintMode flag is set.


Page displayed when the server application returned no output to the module.


Exception fired when a COM Server call fails. This is specific to a failure in the COM server operation - typically this will be an Invokation error or a COM security error.


Error displayed if the PostBufferSize is exceeded


Page displayed when a request times out for taking too long to process


Page displayed if TransmitFile fails to find or access the requested file


Namespace: Westwind.WebConnection
Assembly: webconnectionmodule.dll

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