Submits an event to the Event queue. You can pass input data and title for the event and optionally hold off saving the event to set additional properties manually.

o.SubmitEvent( lcInputData, lcTitle, llNoSave )

Return Value

Event ID or "" on failure.


Any input data to be passed into the InputData field of the Event Record.

An optional title for the event

If set causes this event not be written yet. Set this flag to .T. if you want to create an event and set additional properties either on the oEvent object or using SetProperty, then call SaveEvent() to write it.


lcXML = "... some data that the server will need"
lcID = oAsync.SubmitEvent(lcXML,"XML Request")

If you need to set additional properties, make sure you pass the llNoSave parameter, set the properties, the call SaveEvent():

lcXML = "... some data that the server will need"

*** Create Event record but don't save it yet
lcID = oAsync.SubmitEvent(lcXML,"XML Request",.T.)

oAysnc.SetProperty("SQL","Select * from Customers")
oAysnc.oEvent.Userid = "rstrahl"

*** Now actually write the event out

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