The Server User Interface

For the most part Web Connection is a developer tool where you write code. However, there are a few administrative features that are provided through several user interface services:

  • The Setup Program
    The Web Connection Setup program is used to do a first time installation and configuration of the Web Connection environment, setting up the Web server, demos, so that it all runs without further configuration. This application usually is only run once per installation.

  • The Web Connection Management Console
    The Management Console is a wizard driven interface that provides several configuration and application services to you as a developer. Like the Setup program these interfaces copy files and configure the files so a minimal amount of manual configuration has to take place. Unlike the setup program though you get to specify all the details for tight control over the environment. The console provides services to create brand new projects, add sub-applets to existing projects and to configure an online server.

  • The Web Connection Status interface
    The status form is the active interface for a running server. The interface is optional and can be turned off, but most people prefer to get some visual feedback when the server is running. The main page displays each request as it comes into the server and shows the running time. This form also has an option to bring up a Status form which shows and allows configuration of the operational parameters of the server.

  • The HTML Administration Page
    The HTML Adminstration page allows you to handle most administration and configuration tasks of the server via an HTML interface over the Web. Many operations such as loading and unloading the servers can only be done through the HTML interface for example.

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