The default Receive buffer size in bytes. This size is used to determine how much data the socket waits for at a time before returning control to you.

Note that this doesn't guarantee that the buffer is always filled even if more data is forthcoming as the server determines how data is chunked to the client. This setting is overridden in calls to Receive() or WaitFor() when the lnSize parameter is passed.

Default: 512



Beware of buffers too large to cause timeouts. The socket code underneath grabs the data first and then returns to you. If any data grab runs longer than the timeout it's possible that the timeout will fire.

For dial up connections I wouldn't recommend a timeout much larger than 255 with a timeout of 10 seconds. For fast connections use 1024 or 2048 for large downloads with a 5 to 10 second timeout.

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Class wwsocket

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