Returns all of the form data in raw form.

Use this method to retrieve the POSTed data in its entirety which is a common scenario if you are dealing XML or binary data posted from a thick client.

You can also use this feature to 'save' form data from a request for logging or potenially reassigning or 'playing' back form data in another request.

If the data is XML you can set the wwRequest::lUseXMLFormVars property to treat the XML data as your form variables - wwRequest::Form() will retrieve values from the XML elements transparently.

Assigning Post Buffer Data
Please note that the raw form data is also accessible via Request.cFormVars, but this string contains a leading & that is stripped by this method. If you ever need to assign a complete form variable buffer you can assign it like this:

Request.cFormvars = "&" + lcMyPostBuffer

Return Value

Raw post buffer as a string

See also:

Class wwrequest

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